OneStopMoneyManager Pre-Paid card Portal.

Welcome to the Panthera Pre-paid card portal

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New User Registration.

New Users are registered upon reciept of your details when submitted by an affiliated OSMM Merchant organisation on your behalf. Your details will be submitted by the affiliated OSMM Merchant in respect of a new Pre-paid card request. An email confirmation will be sent to the email address submitted on the new card request, clicking the link in the email will confirm your account and allow you to set your account password.

Card Management Facilities.

The ability to view your card balances, reset card pins, view transaction history, and view the status of submitted card requests.

Process New Card Requests online.

The ability for registered users to purchase there own Virtual or Physical cards, including payment page for purchase of the card and pre-loaded funds.

Learn more about the advantages of a pre-paid card.

Online Security

Get a pre-paid card for your online purchases to help increase your online security by not revealing your bank and credit cards online.

Travelling Abroad

A great secure way of ensuring access to funds whilst travelling.

Increased Budgeting

You can easily help your budgetting by loading up your pre-paid card just with the amount you want to spend.

An Easy cash gift

Give your loved ones a Panthera card for them to spend as they wish.

A Virtual card for E-Commerce

Use a virtual card for your E-Commerce, virtual cards can be purchased immediatelty redeemed in most cases, assuming you have the funds to purchase.

Manage you account online

Using our portal you can view your card balances, change your PIN, and manage your cards.